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Next deadlines are October 15, 2019 and February 1, 2020.

These grants are for Ithaca City School District public schools. Find the Mini-Grant application links below, fill in the google document below and submit your grant application electronically by emailing it to We ask that a final report be sent to once your project is completed. A link to the online report is below.

Need help? Read below the attached list of funded projects and contact us with your ideas. As a part of the application form, you will see a FAQ page and criteria. The FAQ page and criteria will give you a sense of some of the often asked questions and the focus of FABG’s priorities. It takes about one month to review the applications. Fall projects may start after November and Spring projects after late February or early March.

Art, music, drama and dance teachers may apply for an Opportunity Fund grant for things that fall outside of the mini-grant deadlines. See the Opportunity Fund application google document link below. We prefer you to use the mini-grant deadlines, so this Opportunity Fund is when something suddenly comes up.

As you fill out the forms, you will need to click the back button to return to this page. You may wish to open in another tab.

FABG Mini-Grant Application Form for all Teachers

FABG Opportunity Grant Application for Music, Art, Drama, Dance Teachers Special Oppportunities outside of Mini-Grant Deadlines

FABG Grant Application Criteria and Frequently Asked Questions

FABG Final Report Form

IPEI also has grants available through the Red and Gold Grant, the Teacher Grant and the Connecting Classroom Grant. Go to or click on the IPEI logo on the left of this page.

Arts Grants are also available through the Community Arts Partnership. Their grant deadline is mid November for the next year. Go to and check under grants.


FABG's Mini-grants provide support to teachers for projects and initiatives ranging from artist’s visits to funding an accompanist for the CD above, produced at Belle Sherman Elementary School, 2008. Booster grants tend to be of modest size, around $500.

For example, FABG awarded the Sunflower Room, a kindergarten and first grade classroom, another Mini-grant to support production of their second CD featuring songs of different cultures. To date the students have learned seven songs including: Japanese, English, Karen/Burmese, and German. Listen to the Swiss/German song

**Applications for Mini-grants are accepted in the fall and spring of the school year. All teachers in the Ithaca City School System are eligible to apply. If a project is BOCES aidable, we will ask you to process the grant through BOCES payment system so that funds can be “earned” for your school to use the following year.

Applications are based on the following criteria:**

  • Improves and expands learning opportunities
  • Reaches a large number of children or provides an in-depth experience
  • Focuses on enhancing classroom curriculum
  • Supports fine and performing arts needs
  • Supports but does not supplant district responsibilities or resources
  • Addresses underserved - arts area or students
  • (Instrument and trip scholarship needs should be directed to the District Fine and Performing Arts Director.)

Contact us or email directly to discuss your idea or if you have questions. We encourage you to apply.

Emailed deadlines for grant applications:

  • October 15/fall semester
  • Spring semester - check with us, probably Feb 1

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