Fine Arts Booster Group General Meeting Minutes Fall 2014

Fine Arts Booster Group Fall General Meeting Oct 22, 2014 at Ithaca High Performing Arts Center, Kulp Stage 5:30-7

present: Janine Eng, Alice Wu, David Brown, Susan Zehnder, Mike Treat, Buddie Woodridge, Ashley Click, Terry Byrnes, Martha Frommelt, Carrie Ostrander, Ellie Hobbie, Cindy Twardokus, Ana Goldsmith, Kristin Zaryski, Barb Behrmann, Sandy Podulka, Garrett Komarisky

Alice and Janine opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions.

Kristin Zaryski presented her journey to teaching and the current offerings in Ithaca High Choir. Kristin emphasized the powerful draw to teaching and working with young people. She also discussed the community support and the educational environment in the ICSD. Kristin discussed the change in choir and that the enrollment under the new class schedule did not have as much change as was feared. Students still have options to fit choir into their schedule with the Women’s and Men’s groups.

Ana Goldsmith continued the review of what is offered in ICSD, this time in art at South Hill. Ana is working in art on some big ideas/themes this year that address how art can share messages and affect social change. She shared some examples of student work. Ana also mentioned the challenges the budget cuts and rotational schedule continue to present to art instruction and collaboration with the general classroom teachers.

David Brown talked about overall fine and performing arts goals this year, including curriculum review and alignment. He discussed some recent data collection that validates the impact of instrumental music instruction on math and ELA tests. He mentioned various art activities and the annual mall show. Drama is now completely under the Fine Arts Director, and after a several year hiatus, there will be a drama at Boynton. David discussed the continual effort to get the message out about access to instruments and the growth in elementary instruction. He complimented the booster group for the support in all arts areas.

Participants asked what the upcoming budget season looked like, and much is not known yet. They do not know what the state will do yet. David will be working with staff to look at planning and ideas.

The meeting ended with a reminder of upcoming events, the high school drama and special masquerade concert, the middle school musicals, LACS Shakespeare, and the FABG State of the Art Gallery raffle.