Remember to Vote on May 20 - ICSD Budget and School Board Elections

Find out about what is at stake. Educate yourself about the district budget proposal and vote on May 20, 12- 9:00 p.m. at your polling place.

Visit the district website by clicking on Ithaca City School District above. You will also find information about your polling place there.

THE ICSD SCHOOL BUDGET VOTE: WHAT IS AT STAKE? A 60% supermajority is required in order to pass the proposed school budget. This budget trims some parts of the budget, but keeps current programs intact. If the proposed budget fails to win by a supermajority, then a new budget will be proposed and will be brought before voters. In order to win by a simple majority, the alternative proposed budget would have to make significant cuts in programs all across the district. These cuts would be much worse than the ones that will be put before voters on May 20. If the second budget vote fails, ICSD would be required by New York State law to go to a contingency budget. The cuts under this scenario would be even more severe.
If the 60% supermajority is not achieved the first time, it is unlikely that the School Board would propose a budget that would also require a supermajority in order to pass. Therefore, the cuts that are listed in the 109,417,074 budget would most likely occur.

SOS Election Boosters:

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