New York State Music Association Success!

District students just completed participation in the NYSSMA solo festival, held May 8 and 9 in Groton, where each student played a solo and was adjudicated by a NYSSMA representative. 101 elementary, 126 middle school and 102 high school students – a total of 329 young musicians from ICSD - performed the individual pieces they worked so well to prepare, and almost without exception, each score was in the two highest categories, Outstanding and Excellent, with many students receiving perfect scores.

In addition, last week Robert Winans and his Boynton middle school Chorus traveled to Owego to sing at the NYSSMA Major Organizations festival and received a Gold with Distinction award, the highest award that the festival grants.

These results are certainly reflective of the excellent guidance and instruction students receive in our district, and the commitment our students have to achieving excellence in their study of music. We are all so proud of the level of achievement that was demonstrated by our students and offer our highest congratulations! Way to go, Ithaca!

info received from George Myers, District Music Liaison