Board of Education Adopts Budget

On April 21, the Ithaca City School District Board of Education adopted the budget to present to the voters. The school budget vote is May 19, 2009 from noon to 9:00.

The arts items that made it back into the budget reflect some of the top priorities registered in our website ranking poll. The items that made it back into the budget include:

  • Return of co-curriculars, including:
  • Ithaca High Fall drama and Spring musical
  • Ithaca High Jazz Band
  • Ithaca High Chamber Orchestra
  • Ithaca High Madrigals
  • Ithaca High Vocal Jazz
  • Ithaca High Pep Band
  • LACS dramas and afterschool music groups
  • Boynton and DeWitt dramas and musicals
  • Boynton and DeWitt after school music groups
  • Keep current start time of elementary instrumental music
  • Strings will continue to start in third grade
  • Wind instruments will continue to start in fourth grade
  • Restore after-school bus late runs

Budget cuts that remain include:

  • DeWitt general music staff reduction by .20 and art staff by .30
  • LACS music staff reduction .15 (one section equivalent), .15 art staff reduction
  • Ithaca High reduction of .2 in music or art depending on enrollment
  • District art and music liaison positions cut in half

This budget represents the percent change and tax levy percent change listed below.

  • The Board of Education must include the payment for New Roots Charter School (NRCS).
  • Budget: $98, 755,272 (with NRCS $847,490) percent change 3.2% and tax levy at 3.0%

For more info go to ICSD

The Board of Education expressed the great difficulty of crafting the 2009-2010 budget. Every school faces cuts. The national fiscal crisis, the uncertain finances of New York State Government and the unknowns of the New Roots Charter School made the process even more challenging. The Board anticipates that the next budget season will be equally challenging.

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