Impacts on the arts of proposed ICSD budget cuts

All schools are affected by cuts, elementary and secondary. Cut are being made to teaching staff administrative, athletics, arts and support staff.

The projected arts impact include the elimination of drama, increased class size, tight scheduling and access to classes due to fewer offerings, drop off in instrumental music participation, access issues due to no late buses, and more.

Elementary Postponing start of instrumental music:

  • Strings would now start in fourth grade instead of third grade.
  • Wind instruments would now start in fifth grade instead of fourth.
  • This means a reduction of .75 FTE staff in elementary Strings/Band

Secondary (Ithaca High, LACS, DeWitt, Boynton)

Staff cuts including:

  • DeWitt general music staff reduction by .20 and art staff by .30
  • LACS music staff reduction .15 (one section equivalent)/art staff .15
  • Ithaca High staff reduction in music or art by .2 (Cuts that are related to loss of students due to New Roots enrollment are not yet known because scheduling is ongoing and New Roots enrollment is not finalized.)

Elimination of co-curricular activities including:

  • Ithaca High Fall drama and Spring musical
  • Ithaca High Jazz Band
  • Ithaca Chamber Orchestra
  • Ithaca High Madrigals
  • Ithaca High Vocal Jazz
  • Ithaca High Pep Band
  • LACS dramas and after school music groups
  • Boynton and DeWitt dramas and musicals
  • Boynton and DeWitt after school music groups

District wide:

  • Reduction of district liaison staff time
  • Music liaison time cut in half
  • Art liaison cut in half

District-wide Cut connected to arts participation: * After school buses - late runs

Area Amount cut
Co-Curricular budget total (not just arts) $102,027
District liaisons $14,154
Band/Orchestra Elementary $34,500
Art/Music Ithaca High $ 9,200
Art staff DeWitt $12,907
Music staff DeWitt $ 9,200
Drama LACS $23,000
Art staff LACS $ 6,900
Music staff LACS $ 6,900
After school buses (for all activities) $38,533

Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

Be sure to speak at Board meetings or at the budget hearing or to any Board member if you have concerns or suggestions regarding the 09-10 Budget. Email comments can be sent to the Board and administration at

Board of Education 2009-2010 Budget Calendar (subject to change: note that additional meetings have been scheduled)

  • March 31 – Budget workshop 6:30 pm (no public comment before workshops)
  • April 6 – Budget Hearing 6:30 (an opportunity for extensive public comment to the Board before the budget is adopted)at high school cafeteria
  • April 7 – regular Board meeting 7:00pm
  • April 20 – Budget workshop 6:30 pm
  • April 21 – Budget workshop 6:30 pm Board adoption of 2009-10 Budget
  • May 5 – Budget Hearing time tba (an opportunity for questions from the pubic regarding the Proposed 09-10 Budget)
  • May 19 – public vote on budget and school board candidates