The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG), an affiliate of IPEI, supported the funding of virtual performance of Ithaca City School District (ICSD) students from the music department. These recording of performances are posted on the ICSD digital time capsule and can be accessed by this link

The Director of Fine and Performing Arts Daphne Shululu notes, “Through a digital time capsule, the creative ways students and teachers expressed themselves during distance learning can be shared and celebrated with the larger community. The collective effort from the community to persist in music-making, despite limitations, is a perfect example of the healing power of the arts and its ability to surpass all boundaries. I want to thank the FABG for their support through this grant during this unprecedented time.”

The Fine Arts Booster Group supports the arts for all students. FABG efforts will continue into the next school year as the ICSD commits to continue to safely provide arts for all next year as schools reopen. The district is engaging in community dialogue now about reopening. Visit or

Grant funds to support district programs are made possible through FABG performance booklet advertisement sales and individual donations.

An affiliate of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative (IPEI), the FABG works in partnership with the Ithaca City School District (ICSD) to advocate, support and celebrate all the arts for all the kids. The Fine Arts Boosters strive for increased student access and participation. The boosters believe the arts – music, dance and visual, literary and theater arts – are a central part of every child’s public school education. Visit

IPEI is a not-for-profit organization that believes the education of every ICSD student is enhanced through community connections and support facilitated by IPEI for students and teachers through engagement, collaboration, gifts, and grants. Visit