Want to Clean out Your Closet? Donate your Used Musical Instrument

“Play it Again, Ithaca” – Used Musical Instruments Needed

(Ithaca) Do you have a used musical instrument that is gathering dust under your bed or sitting idle in a corner? The Fine Art’s Booster Group’s (FABG) “Play it Again, Ithaca” instrument recycling program can help you put your instrument into the hands of students in the Ithaca City School District (ICSD). The “Play it Again, Ithaca” program collects used musical instruments, has them professionally repaired, and gives the refurbished instruments to the ICSD for use by students in the district’s music education programs.

Last year in 2017-18, the “Play it Again, Ithaca” program was able to give 26 refurbished instruments to the district. Student participation in musical education programs is on the rise in the ICSD. Please consider donating a used musical instrument through “Play it Again, Ithaca” program to support these growing musical education programs.

To donate a musical instrument please send and email to president@fabgithaca.org with “instrument donation” in the subject line, or check out our website at www.fabgithaca.org. Musical instrument and monetary donations are tax deductible.

Through your donation, you can provide students who might not otherwise have access to a musical instrument an opportunity to participate in band or orchestra. The ICSD arts program allows students to take free instrumental lessons during school hours and participate in the school musical groups. FABG’s “Play it Again, Ithaca” enhances the district’s existing resources and enables the community to be “green” with this reuse of donated musical instruments.

An affiliate of the not-for-profit Ithaca Public Education Initiative (IPEI) www.ipei.org, the FABG works in partnership with ICSD to support and celebrate all the arts for all the kids. The FABG believes the arts – music, dance and visual, literary and theater arts – are a central part of every child’s public school education.

For more information about FABG and how you can help, contact co-presidents Alice Wu and Julie Hughes at president@fabgithaca.org or call the IPEI office at (607) 256-4734. If you want to stay informed, consider joining the FABG Facebook page (ICSDFineArts) or listserv which includes information about arts issues, performances and general news (join the listserv by emailing FineArtsBoosters-subscribe@yahoogroups.com). In addition, you can follow us on Twitter @FABG.