Thank you Saltonstall... Teachers, glad you had wonderful retreats....Next year we will do it again!

The wonderful Saltonstall Arts Colony offers teacher residency retreats during our winter and spring breaks. We are happy to continue the partnership again next year. FABG provides grant support for this great opportunity.

Here are some of the teacher comments from 2018:

I feel so fortunate to have been the recipient of a Saltonstall Teacher’s Residency in March 2018. It gave me a chance to be removed from the demands of everyday life and find a quiet space in my mind for reflection, as well as time to really dive into some creative work that I rarely give myself permission to do. I was also able to connect with colleagues from my own district as well as others, and share some of the challenges as well as the inspirations in our school lives - which is something else we don’t often find the time for during our busy school days.

I would not want to forget to mention another special aspect of the residency, which is the amazing dinners! Having someone cook for you in such a mindful, beautiful, healthful way is nourishing to the body and the spirit. It contributes so much to the experience of being nurtured, supported, and given the freedom to reflect and create.

The teacher residencies are an incredible opportunity for teachers from our community to be able to experience the magic that is a retreat at the Saltonstall. It is so important to nurture our educators and support staff so we can continue to do the work that we do for our kids, families, and school communities.

  • Naomi Raimon (LACS)

I am the type of person who always has an insurmountable number of tasks, duties, and responsibilities, both professional and personal, piling up in my never ending to do list. The teacher retreat at Saltonstall was a luxurious gift of time for myself. As a visual artist, it is difficult to carve out blocks of time to produce and actually get into the mental space needed to create. Having five days in a grand studio space, meals prepared for me daily, and the quiet, serene atmosphere was incredible for my studio practice––I left my visit revived and on a strong momentum in terms of my art making. I am always grateful for the Saltonstall Foundation and the opportunity they provide for artist-teachers in our local area!

  • Jessica Stratton (Lansing)

I am a woodworking and media teacher at Ithaca High School and used my time at Saltonstall to work on my own personal videos involving nature, drone videography/photography, and night time photography as well. It is too difficult to set time aside for yourself to work on your own personal projects and this retreat really helped me do that.

  • Jonathan Shyne (IHS)

I don’t know if my quote is needed for IPEI/FABG since I’m not in the district but I just LOVED being at Saltonstall. We were treated with such tenderness and respect. The community that was created was beyond my expectations. I was able to take risks in my work, lose myself to creativity and create poetry, a story and artwork that was beyond my original imagining. It was being away from the hubbub of every day life, without being too far away. A journey for the mind and a feast for the soul- and stomach- thanks to our talented chef. I discovered that drawer full of quotes in my room and one: If not now, when? was a great reminder to keep in touch with our creative selves.

  • Mary Balfour (Dryden)

My days at Saltonstall were transforming. For years, I neglected to try for a spot, thinking to myself, “I’m not a ‘real’ artist.” Some encouragement from a friend helped me realized that “real” wasn’t a requirement; I just needed to have a project to work on and a desire to do it without distractions. I also neglected to try because I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the solitary quiet of a retreat. Boy, was I wrong about that! With the exception of an extraordinarily delicious communal meal each day, I spent my retreat in the pleasant company of my own thoughts and creative impulses and on quiet (except for the symphony of nature’s sounds) walks through the woods and fields alone. A project I had long dreamed about found its footing and I continue to work on it now. I am so grateful for the days I had at Saltonstall and, especially, for the honoring of teachers that this program accomplishes. Thank you!

  • Mihal Ronen (Fall Creek Elementary)

Walking in the woods, spending time with a book of poetry, and then writing late into the night reminded me why I teach. I love words, images, stories, and I want to share all that with others, especially young writers. It is easy to forget that while you’re saddled with meetings, progress reports, and all the less inspiring aspects of teaching. Spending time at Saltonstall rejuvenates me and, I hope, makes me a better teacher. Thanks to all who make this happen each year.

  • Jon Raimon (LACS)