Congrats teachers! From the Saltonstall Newsletter

Welcome, Tompkins County teachers! And the winners are… Congratulations to the ten local teachers who entered our lottery in January and won a free, all-inclusive retreat at Saltonstall.

In February, we’ll welcome: Mary Balfour, a speech and language pathologist in the Dryden school district; Abigail Bokaer, a kindergarten teacher at Fall Creek Elementary; Jon Raimon, a humanities teacher and service learning coordinator at LACS; Mihal Ronen, a 2nd grade teacher at Fall Creek Elementary; and Keith Thompson, a social studies teacher at Ithaca High School.

In March, we’ll welcome: Melissa Enns, a social worker at Beverly J. Martin Elementary; Brenda Keeler, an art teacher at Dryden and Cassavant Elementary; Naomi Raimon, a reading teacher at LACS; Jonathan Shyne, a media and woodworking teacher at Ithaca High School; and Jessica Sratton, an art teacher at Lansing High School.

The teachers will be provided with a five-day, four-night retreat with private accommodations, studio space, and hearty, chef-prepared vegetarian dinners. These retreats are modeled after Saltonstall’s summer residency program and provide our local teachers with uninterrupted time and space in which to focus on their own creative endeavors.

Funding for our teachers’ residencies is generously provided by the Fine Arts Booster Group, an affiliate of IPEI — the Ithaca Public Education Initiative.