From the IPEI Annual Report: Fine Arts Booster Group

The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG) believes the arts – music, dance and visual, literary and theater arts – are a central part of every child’s public school education. FABG celebrates ICSD student learning in all the arts through grant support, scholarships, instrument recycling and communication. In 2016-17, FABG supported 19 projects serving 3,022 students with $11,746.32 in grants, communicated regularly with 231 listserv members, printed 10,160 performance event programs for the secondary schools, donated 22 recycled and repaired musical instruments and items, assisted 17 elementary students with instrument rental scholarships, 4 students with summer music program scholarships, and instrumental trip scholarships for students in secondary schools, supported 8 teachers in arts residence with the Saltonstall Arts Colony partnership, provided support for the Ithaca High School Band 100th Anniversary commission including a special grant of $2,000, and supported the Ithaca High School musical through the Strebel Community Enrichment grant with the Lee Strebel Memorial Award for Enthusiasm in the Performing Arts going to Emily Morse.