The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG) is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Ithaca (New York) City School District to support and celebrate all the arts for all the kids. FABG is an affiliate of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative.

Latest News

Impacts on the arts of proposed ICSD budget cuts

All schools are affected by cuts, elementary and secondary. Cut are being made to teaching staff administrative, athletics, arts and support staff.

The projected arts impact include the elimination of drama, increased class size, tight scheduling and access to classes due to fewer offerings, drop off in instrumental music participation, access issues due to no late buses, and more.

Elementary Postponing start of instrumental music:

  • Strings would now start in fourth grade instead of third grade.
  • Wind instruments would now start in fifth grade instead of fourth.
  • This means a reduction of .75 FTE staff in elementary Strings/Band

Secondary (Ithaca High, LACS, DeWitt, Boynton)

Staff cuts including:

  • DeWitt general music staff reduction by .20 and art staff by .30
  • LACS music staff reduction .15 (one section equivalent)/art staff .15
  • Ithaca High staff reduction in music or art by .2 (Cuts that are related to loss of students due to New Roots enrollment are not yet known because scheduling is ongoing and New Roots enrollment is not finalized.)

Elimination of co-curricular activities including:...(read more)

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