The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG) is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Ithaca (New York) City School District to support and celebrate all the arts for all the kids. FABG is an affiliate of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative.

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Field Trips Matter and Have Impact

Check out this study regarding the impact of field trips to see live theater.

“Culturally enriching field trips have significant educational benefits for students whether they are to see an art museum or live theater. Among students assigned by lottery to see live theater, we find enhanced knowledge of the plot and vocabulary in those plays, greater tolerance, and improved ability to read the emotions of others.”

Thanks University of Arkansas for doing this work.

Mini Grant Deadline Feb 1


The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG), an affiliate of IPEI, has mini-grants available for dance, drama, music, and visual arts projects that engage students. Ithaca City School District (ICSD) teachers and principals are eligible to apply. The Spring 2015 deadline is February 1 for electronic submission. Applications are available online at or by calling (607)277-4631 or emailing

An affiliate of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative (IPEI), the FABG works in partnership with the ICSD to advocate, support and celebrate all the arts for all the kids. The Fine Arts Boosters strive for increased student access and participation, and for equity in the arts programs....(read more)


In celebration of its 25th anniversary, State of the Art Gallery (SOAG) partnered with Ithaca’s Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG) in a fundraising raffle to benefit Ithaca City School District (ICSD) students in the arts. On November 7, twenty two winners took home art donated by SOAG artists. The 369 raffle ticket buyers helped raise over $3,500 for arts education and the SOAG. Ileen Kaplan, SOAG Raffle Coordinator, noted, “We are honored to have partnered with the Fine Arts Booster Group during our 25th Anniversary fundraising raffle....(read more)

Fine Arts Boosters Award Grants to Ithaca Teachers

The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG), an affiliate of IPEI, has awarded $5,837 in mini-grants to 13 Ithaca City District School (ICSD) projects that will reach 1,321 students. Funded projects include support for DeWitt, Boynton, Lehman Alternative Community School and Ithaca High School drama programs; artist visits following a Kids Discover the Trail!...(read more)

Fine Arts Booster Group General Meeting Minutes Fall 2014

Fine Arts Booster Group Fall General Meeting Oct 22, 2014 at Ithaca High Performing Arts Center, Kulp Stage 5:30-7

present: Janine Eng, Alice Wu, David Brown, Susan Zehnder, Mike Treat, Buddie Woodridge, Ashley Click, Terry Byrnes, Martha Frommelt, Carrie Ostrander, Ellie Hobbie, Cindy Twardokus, Ana Goldsmith, Kristin Zaryski, Barb Behrmann, Sandy Podulka, Garrett Komarisky

Alice and Janine opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions.

Kristin Zaryski presented her journey to teaching and the current offerings in Ithaca High Choir. Kristin emphasized the powerful draw to teaching and working with young people. She also discussed the community support and the educational environment in the ICSD....(read more)

IHS Choir Members Describe the Wonders of Choir!


This video was made by choir members as a thank you in Spring 2014

“Play it Again, Ithaca” – Donate Used Musical Instruments

“Play it Again, Ithaca” – Donate Used Musical Instruments

(Ithaca) The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG) through its “Play it Again, Ithaca” program collects used musical instruments to be distributed to students in the Ithaca City School District (ICSD). These instruments become part of the ICSD collection of instruments available on loan to students in the district.

FABG strives to provide ICSD students who might not otherwise have access to instruments an opportunity to participate in band and orchestra. The ICSD arts program allows students to take free instrumental lessons during school hours and participate in the school band or orchestra....(read more)

Saltonstall Arts Colony Supports ICSD Teachers With Retreat - Apply Now for February Retreat

The Saltonstall Foundation and Arts Colony, in partnership with the Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG), an affiliate of IPEI, is offering a five-day, four-night retreat for Ithaca City School District (ICSD) teachers February 14-18, 2015. This residency is designed to provide a residency-type retreat for local ICSD teachers in the following disciplines: creative writing, photography/film/video, and painting/sculpture/visual art. The program is totally free to attend. Hearty vegetarian dinners will be prepared each night. Overnight stays are encouraged but not mandatory. Five teachers will be selected through a lottery system. The deadline for online applications is January 9, 2015....(read more)

Fall Meeting Oct 22 5:30


(ITHACA) The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG), an affiliate of IPEI, will hold a general meeting Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in the Ithaca High School Performing Arts Center lobby. The public is invited to hear arts updates and presentations from visual art and music teachers. The boosters serve all the elementary and secondary schools in the Ithaca City School District (ICSD). The public is invited. Pizza will be provided.

For more information about the booster group, contact Co-Presidents Janine Eng and Alice Wu at or 277-4631....(read more)


The Fine Arts Booster Group (FABG), an affiliate of IPEI, announces a special grant made possible by a generous anonymous donor. The Sunshine Grant will support Ithaca City School District (ICSD) secondary school students in the instrumental music program who have financial needs.

Support for students who need to purchase instrumental music supplies such as strings, reeds and other accessories is made possible by this new Sunshine Grant. Elimination of financial roadblocks to continued music study is the dream of the donor whose own children benefitted from ICSD music programs. The FABG hopes to inspire additional community members to support the Sunshine Grant in the future....(read more)

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